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Personal Injury/Wrongful Death

It’s a hazardous world out there.  Hazards cause injuries, and injuries lead to claims and lawsuits.  Fortunately, HCP lawyers handle the gamut of personal injury and wrongful death matters, ranging from auto accidents to premises exposures to product liability claims.  At its inception, HCP formed separate, subspecialty groups for medical malpractice, workers compensation, and toxic exposure claims.

Injuries aren’t always physical.  Defamation can ruin a reputation.  A civil rights violation can cause emotional and economic harm.  Invasion of privacy, fraud, malicious prosecution, and trespass are just a few of the other torts that can cause economic or other non-physical injuries.  HCP lawyers routinely defend against these claims.

In appropriate cases, HCP attorneys also represent personal injury claimants under contingency and other fee arrangements.  Decades of experience on the defense side gives us valuable insight into those factors and strategies that maximize a plaintiff’s settlement or trial verdict.  Because we work with insurance companies daily, they are well aware of our skills and respect our ability to evaluate claims and either settle them or take them to court.

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